Cities 3 hours from Xian

These are approximate flight times in a radius from Xian, China. There are many towns within the total area, so if you're looking for closer places, try a smaller radius.

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Travel time from Xian, China

cities within 1 hour of Xian
1-1/2 hours from Xian
places within 2 hours of me in Xian
explore 2-1/2 hours from Xian
3 hr radius map from Xian
3-1/2 hr drive from Xian
places within 4 hours of me in Xian
within 4-1/2 hours of me in Xian
5 hour drive from me in Xian
5-1/2 hour drive from Xian
within 6 hours of Xian
7 hour drive from Xian
driving 8 hours from Xian
9 hours from Xian

Distance from Xian, China

cities within 10 km of me in Xian
within 20 km of me in Xian
30 km radius of Xian
40 km drive from Xian
located 50 km from Xian
100 km radius from Xian
within 150 km of Xian
200 km road trip from Xian
distance of 250 km from Xian
driving 300 km from Xian
350 km trip starting from Xian
400 km drive from Xian
drive for 450 km from Xian
500 km from Xian

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