Cities 80 km from Guines

72 km:
Alquizar, Cuba

These are approximate driving distances in a radius from Guines, Cuba. There are many towns within the total area, so if you're looking for closer places, try a smaller radius.

Looking for small towns or communities around Guines, Cuba? Get a full list of cities near Guines.


More cities around 80 km away

Here are more cities based on a flight circle radius of 80 km. The driving distance may be different from the straight line flight distance.

77 km:
76 km:
76 km:
68 km:
56 km:
51 km:
50 km:
50 km:
50 km:
48 km:
40 km:
39 km:
37 km:
32 km:
Pedro Betancourt, Cuba
Mariel, Cuba
Artemisa, Cuba
Guanajay, Cuba
Bauta, Cuba
Matanzas, Cuba
Union De Reyes, Cuba
Havana, Cuba
Guira De Melena, Cuba
San Antonio De Los Banos, Cuba
Santiago de las Vegas, Cuba
Bejucal, Cuba
Santa Cruz del Norte, Cuba
Batabano, Cuba

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